Born and raised in São Paulo, the largest Brazilian city, but currently based in São Sebastião, a smalll town of the Brazilian southeastern coast, I started photographing as a child and became a professional at age 23. I currently work only outdoors, even for female photoshoots. For nature photography I use the most diverse capture modes, making not only terrestrial as well as underwater and aerial photography, as well as interactive 360​​° images.

With photos published in 3 books of different authors, in December 2013 I published the first book of my own, called O Brasil da Copa. Over the years, some of my photos have been exhibited in several cities such as Milan (Italy), São Paulo, Manaus, Recife, Rio de Janeiro (National Museum), Angra dos Reis and Santo André.

In parallel with photography, since I was 18 years old I’m a PADI diving instructor specializaed in deep diving, wreck, cave, nitrox (enriched air) and, of course, underwater photography


Cell phone and Whatsapp: +55 11 99314-3211


Instagram: @fotoferes